Girl Hate


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Released on Fysisk Format.

Recorded and mixed by Pål Bredrup at Endless Tinnitus Studio.
Mastered by Ruben Willem.
Artwork by Maren Karlson.

All songs by Dark Times.


released 16 November 2012



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Track Name: Girl Hate
Guts are turning, try to keep it all in
Lips touching ear, makes me wanna scream
Where she is is where I wanna be?
Hell no. This is all insecurity

Girl hate
It’s all girl hate

Be sure to project your indifference
Face down, but mention no praise
You are both pushing the ceiling
Refuse to see it’s the same chase

In her eye

In her eye you see your reflection
Let girlhood light your fight
If you complete your mission
Girl hate is bound to die
Track Name: Kiss My Fist
Can’t feel a thing and I’m to blame
No that’s a lie, I feel the shame
The truth is only just a word
Try to forget what you just heard

Where is your head? Don’t fade me out
Kiss my fist. Don’t cry, just shout

Then a new light shines in through
Now it is only up to you
Don’t dare to speak, don’t dare to feel
All the mistakes, you will repeat
Track Name: Waste
Standing there so authentic. Indie cred with tons of inches
Making small talk with the scene. Eyes are black, teeth are clean
Hate that you’re all so cool. Hate all your made up rules
Hate every fake smile. Hate being drunk all night

I turn a blind eye. It’s such a waste
The scene is so vile. I feel misplaced

I shouldn’t be complaining. Choose a number, choose a staining
When the dreadful night is through, I will be fine without you
Hate posers dressing up. Hate punks who smell like fuck
Hate knowing no one cares. Hate all the beautiful people out there

All are saying ”he’s a poser.” Doesn’t mean the truth is closer
You yourself are fake as fuck. Why don’t you just give it up
Hate your authenticity. Hate your credibility
Hate those exclusive scenes. Hate asking what it means
Track Name: Worst Things
No point in being scared of the world
It’s all there anyways
All of the worst things
You can imagine are real

Smell the trash
Hear the screams
Feel the greed
Face your death
Don’t try to hide cause you are next

This ugly savage world
It doesn’t need you
But it will use you
Move on without you

No excuses
No reasons
No actions
No hope